It is the tiniest of things that makes the world worth living. Memories remind us of the past and shapes our future. Choices put us at a place we both like and hate. Passion drives us, acts as an engine pulling us off and on in our existence. Love is both exuberant and painful. Nature too plays its bit. It refreshes, driving in us such an energy to go forth and forth at whatever it is we are doing. The leopard hunting and eating on tree, the crocodiles busking to the daylight sun, this is it, the click, that button that makes us want to grasp the moment. What better than to have all these if you are true to both yourself and others. You celebrate life that has gone to the heavens. You do eat. You are happy. You dream, and you are content with what you have. Once in a while you have to backslide a little and entertain where necessary. Whether it is using repetition, sounds correlation and the like.  Lastly and most important, it is being appreciative of the existence of The Almighty God.
This is all what it is, what the collection of poems entails as you read it through. 
Let us let the words scribed be your guide now. For it is every writer’s dream to connect with each reader.
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