Top to the bottom,
From the skies to earth,
From dawn till dusk,
From east to west,
From sun time to moon time,
From all that is in between,
From ants to plants,
To we humans,
Either walking or crawling,
When standing or lumped down,
Whether rational or irrational,
Whether domiciled or free,
During spring or summer, 
During winter or autumn,
Bow we all go down,
To He The Creator,
Unseen, Powerful, Merciful, Patient and Kings of Kings,
Numerous are His Titles, these are but a few,
Honors that He has, have neither an end nor a beginning,
Forever Eternal,
He deserves Praise.
Photo credit: Unsplash.com

Abiyo Omar

Abiyo by profession is a lawyer and a certified professional mediator. Abiyo likes writing, dwelling on poems, novels and philosophy and he awaits where the future will land him to which other genre.

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