Poems 21. SICKNESS



It has the flair of lightening

The conjuring of a snail

The tactfulness of a fox

The vengefulness of a rhino

The defensiveness of a wild beast

The fierceness of a lion

The remembrance of an elephant

The striking of a crocodile

The injury of an anaconda

The fearlessness of a buffalo

The early bird catches the worm

It is no different

It comes sudden and quick with no mercy

Hindering thought

Subsidizing the head to ache

The stomach to growl

The legs to fatigue

The energy to disappear

It leaves one utter-less


Never to think of tomorrow

When the sun shines again

When the birds merry again

When the rainbow glows again

Where the plants grow tall again

Where the air blows refreshingly again

For bad for worse

For in health there is sickness.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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