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Great are you, we ride along, right?

So long a time has progressed. I was here and there. I went to Kenya School of Law(KSL), studied, did my bar exams and passed. I got 8 passes out of 9. Getting 8 out of 9 is momentous to me, considering where I came from. Actually, I enrolled to KSL in 2019 but deferred because I became ill. For me, coming out of that and gaining 8 passes is an achievement.

They say writing is consistency. Lately I am doubting how many times I write. You know being a lawyer can take the troll out of you. Then I remembered, I have a website. What if, to keep my creativity going and readers engaged I jot down something? Ta-ra, and here I am. Short stories or anything interesting would do, no worries if I slip a little in the beginning. The last time I wrote a short story was in 2017, so bear with me if they become not that interesting. But yeah, I have been writing novel manuscripts, I doubt if the flow has gotten lost yet. In a week I will post one content. 

As I said in Beyond the Mirage”:


 Be with me on the other side,

Where we dream that tomorrow, better it will be than today.”

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