You know it even yourself. Energy is no longer there, because deep inside of you you have been taught a lesson. A worthy one. Why bother after all? Because abruptly out of nowhere something might happen. An action that lags you behind. Education, your love life, entirely everything. It distorts you, you wonder how it started but no answer comes handy. You try to move on but it is hard. Every other single day a memory comes by and you feel sad.

You try talking it out but it never helps, after all each person has his or her own worries, they continue living, so you too have to. Every pull forward is like a push backward. Whenever you try being that enthusiastic about everything again it hits you, that and that particular thing happened. Sickness, loss of someone, the list is long. Again, sober mood. We see and hear songs of heartbreak and we thing it is a lie, it is creativity flowing; now occurring to you you believe it.

Either way in the end you discover one thing. It is about finding yourself once more. All is not lost, like water the river keeps on flowing and like words, the pen regardless of the times keeps writing. Books, novels, memoirs, bibliographies, collection of poems, business related magazines, you name it, they keep on getting published. Why not you? To move from zero to a ten.

Photo by Giorgio Parravicini on Unsplash

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