Adventure WIN-WIN


These are just thoughts.


Seek knowledge even if its China- the Prophet said. Knowledge is power, almost all agree. Learn it your way. Mother said,” do not shy away from being seen as stupid, for plenty you will learn.” Never outsmart one showing you something even if you know, something new you will gain. Father said, ” the world needs problem solvers, they are the real deal.” How do you do that? Listening and observing. Doing that gives you credit to discover something worthy a lot of monies.

Make other people feel important, Carnegie, maybe, says, by giving them your ears, mutual respect is earned and friendship is gained. Seek those who are different from you, help you will assist each other to grow. No one is a jack of all trades, being a listener and an observer makes you look submissive and your social skill wanting. No worries, remember unlike poles attract each other. With your talent of discovery and theirs of interaction, an agreement can come. We help each other, you take this and I take that. No one is an island. We grow, you grow, I grow. A win-win situation. Everybody rides home happy.

Photo by Lucas Franco on Unsplash

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