Short story BEING


Lucky is the word. For me that is. Truth be told, when we are together it is a match made from heaven. We vibe with each other. The eyes we get from people is wow, a lot. Let us not forget, the compliments are plenty. Oh this oh that. It is like the point where the river joins the sea. You constantly see yourself happy all the time like there was no yesterday.

To lay it bare before all self esteem and confidence is boosted, only if we are together. It feels like the universe I own and control by the grasp of my hands. Wherever I go, I want we to be together. Bumper to bumper like charger is to a phone, we rhyme as one.

As times go by, so too is depletion, but it affects not us, the good comments keep on flowing, “you two match with each other.”

I wonder sometimes if it is because of my colour complexion that birthed these sweet talks all over or is it the essence of we in us? I tell you this trouser of mine is legit.

Photo by Miguel A. Amutio on Unsplash

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