Short story RAY OF LIGHT


Happy is the word, what describes that is deep in me. When we talk this positive energy flows in me. One of contentment, of no fear and of a never ending excitement. Sometimes you wonder if it really is true or not. You pinch oneself to confirm if not dreaming only to discover it is real there with you.

It is like crazy on how everything you like. The way of speaking, the voice especially on how words are expressed is adorable. The smile, cute. The dressings, fashionable. The essence, including the demeanor is infectious. You find oneself thinking of good things, the soft life, its like you have made it. Goals reached and visions fulfilled.

These expressions I want them not to die. For the last time when it happened and all went wrong, it became miserable. Heartbroken. Though now have learnt and adapted. That the end is but a way of life, we stand and go on like never before.

You guessed it right, am falling once again, cupid has struck my heart. I am fine though it does not hurt.

Photo by Jannes Glas on Unsplash

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