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Like a coin, there are two sides of me. This, writing, and the life as a lawyer. Today I want to take a glimpse of my other life, the law related.

Truth be told, I have never had a dream whatsoever, like what’s next after law school. I have been a free spirit. All this time has been the thought that writing will be my knight in shining armor. That I can basically live nicely with writing-this reality is still with me and I doubt if it will ever escape from me.

Now, doing pupillage at amongst the biggest and highly reputable law firms, Ahmednasir Abdullahi Advocates LLP, it has got me thinking. That is, a life after law school as a practicing advocate. Its just that I cannot mention of the dreams am currently having. Plans are not to be shared, but yeah they are very big indeed. Yes, there would be hurdles, but yeah visions are valid.

Its just the experiences you get there makes you fall deeply for law, as in to take it more seriously as it is fun and exhilarating.

You just learn a lot everyday, a senior calls you in his or her chambers and gives you a piece of advice. The excellent thing, you are told the real thing you are doing, what is wrong and how to correct it. 

The other day I spoke before a court assistant. Wow, that experience was dope, hallmark indeed. I argued with another colleague-it felt like debate and man, I do like debates. It brought back memories of back in the days while in high school and primary.

For avoidance of doubt, law has been my thing, its just that you do not feel it like writing do, you get the gist right? That is changing though, law is like literally bumping in my veins. The thrill that you get from it is beyond explanation, its that adrenaline rushing to expose itself.

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