Adventure IN THREES


It has been a journey, of many ups and downs. Pain beyond measure. Sorrow before relief. Doubtness to self love. Laziness to discipline. Quietness to active again. Newbie to adaptive and to learning not to be that serious and let it be, to come as it comes.

Adrenaline that surged in is no more. An energy that drove adventures done and new growth experienced. Like buying perfumes worth a lot of cash. Might it be hardening of the soul? I cannot know.

Feelings are there. The essence of belonging to something so special and rare is present. It wants to showcase itself but again history is the best teacher. Heart break after another sorts of quells you to retract your steps and think twice in approaching. Careful but interested. Absorbed but carefree. Caring but secretive. Loving but busy. Admiring but unsighted. Impressed but silent. 

I guess it does come a time, you say it loud, ” all is well,” as themed in Three Idiots and you think most but all you need you first.

Photo by Adam Chang on Unsplash

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