I find myself in a precarious stand. I am not making myself busy hence wondering in bad thoughts. These past two months have not been easy, but yeah am realising it, the ongoing trend is not cool. 

I don’t know but that’s how it is suppose to be,  to be doing something every time, it’s better that way. My thoughts, as a writer the creative part of you comes when not hold up. It depends the thinking might be negative, positive or the feeling of wanting something you do not have and you want it or to feel it.

So yeah to keep oneself out of track as a writer you find yourself something to do every time. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop after all. I think it is also because of the changes  am undergoing. I am retiring from watching movies and series, I am limiting myself using social media. I did quit Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I am now using only Instagram and Whatsapp at a timed manner. Perhaps it needs a little adaptation, because yeah all the above makes one look busy.

What I have come to appreciate constantly is that we are only human, and one can flip and let loose once and be back again at the game.

Photo by Istiak Hossain on Unsplash

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