Distorted. He looked like he was rained on. He was in a miserable state. He was in between, sickly and healthy, nobody knew.

It was just the other day, when he was confided to, he said it, ” I did it.” Shocked was he, he wanted to reveal it to all and sundry, but the duty he had that holds high in his profession made him not to. Plus, it was too late, the matter was all over and a decision only awaited. Of if either he did it or not.

It was high profile, that matter at issue. It involved two people, the wronged one was a celebrity loved by many. She was a darling to every household, gracing them as an actress T.V show after the other. The other was a rising star in football.

The determination started, though present in the room he heard nothing. Stressed he was, “I did it,”  “I did it,” crossed his mind. He was in a trance, until he was tapped on the shoulder. He woke up from his “sleep”.

“Hey, we did it, I am a free man,”

“Aah,” he uttered.

“I am innocent, the judge said I did not kill her, but you and I know I did it.”

He did not know how to react, he had won his first case but immorality prevailed.

“Morality and the law, is a double faced sword, it can cut both ways,” he remembered the famous quote of his social foundations of law lecturer back at the university.

A tear dropped down his cheek.

Photo by Juan Rumimpunu on Unsplash

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