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Thought about it for a while. It is not like I do not believe in myself. I do. More than one hundred percent. Ideally the problem I think is that I fear the limelight that it might come with it. I like a quiet environment with you know a certain number of people around you. I find that in me being open it might broaden my scope and have a huge following which would require constant attention to keep them going.

This is because of finding your work really good. Anyways, what I have learnt is that you should never sit at your comfort zone, challenge yourself. This is why, I am going to be openly saying, “hi there, you know I am a writer.”

Furthermore, just because I have a system in me saying you know how to write means the same. After all they are the readers who decide so, and now they are few who have read my works. So, cannot pinpoint where exactly I belong.

I want to go out there and be proud of the works I do. That alone regardless of the response should make me happy.

Joyful for my next book I am releasing, it is in the printing phase, for it is a charity work. All its proceeds will go to helping the society one way or the other. It will centre on taking all the monies got to an organisation that deals with mental illness.

Do not get me wrong, the book’s content which is a collection of poems does not in any way talk about mental illness. It talks about casual things. Love, praise to Almighty, description of feelings and actions like dreams, eating, sickness and confusion. See, normal things.

To coming out. May it be well. Ameen.

Photo by Jan Tinneberg on Unsplash

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