Short story RAY OF HOPE


“What is the percentage of survival?” she asked.

“On this on 55/45 % with 55% dying.”

She stood there speechless while looking at him. All hope seemed lost.

“Madam,” he interrupted her thoughts, “ we need your decision, the earlier the better, 10 minutes maximum,”

The weight bore on her to decide, she was the only close relative to her  fiancé. He was an orphan, a street kid by heart, who by God’s grace got wealth and rose in the social ranks.


She headed to the church in the establishment. A prayer would do, to ease the doubt that was there and shine a light deep inside of her. Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name… she finished uttering the prayer but was left in tears.

“Here, here,” she heard and she looked to see who it was.

It was an old lady offering her a tissue. She encouraged her that all will be well with whatever she was experiencing for God delivers like what was done to her. She narrated her story. She had a son who disappeared 8 years ago with no trace. She begun praying and had continued doing so until the other day, she got a phone call. She was required to come to the facility and see if the one present was her son. To her blessing, he was indeed her son, however malnourished. She was advised to let him stay there for further checkups before being released to her care. She agreed.

She finished, “ the moral lesson here is to believe in God, he always delivers.”

“by the way I am Naoti,” said the old lady, “ and you?” she asked.

“I am Nella,” she answered.

Naoti asked for Nella’s story behind her crying. Nella did tell her. Naoti replied all would be well, and that Nella should give time for magic to happen.

Naoti then wished Nella all the best and excused herself, a phone call she picked prompted her to do that.


It was all packed. Everybody was in a white dress and all were joyous. Camera men and women were at work. Others taking pictures while the rest recording videos. The Pastor progressed speaking,

“Do you Nella take Pito as your…”

She felt a consistent touch on her should, hurriedly her eyes opened and confused was her reaction. When she saw who it was she became calm.

“How did it go?” Nella asked the lady in blue uniform.

“It went well, we did our best and we live the rest to God now.”

“What can I do?”

“Well engage him, like talk to him as if your seeing each other face to face and you are all healthy. He might wake up.”

Nella headed to the room. He was in bed as if sleeping though she knew he was in big trouble. Tubes were almost everywhere and he had one in his mouth. Machines were beeping and water dripping. Nella held his hands and spoke.

“This accident you had has disrupted out plans, to get married, fiance. But today, I come bearing good news. I dreamt of me and you, our wedding. You, Pito marrying me Nella…”

She heard noises outside the door, it was ajar, “make way.” She glanced to that direction.

Immediately she felt something, a touch, Pito’s fingers moved to her hands and again he did it.

“Doctor, doctor,” she run out while calling.

She found one, “I felt touch.”

The doctor rushed inside the room with her. 

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash.



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