Tick tock tick tock

Seconds pass

Minutes go by

Hours come

Days reach

A year downs and still it is unresolved.

What happened then

Dreams unknown

Orders been given to the mind

Talks with people was telling

And pain like no other felt

Body aches all through.

Sleeping was both difficult

It felt like being forced

It was living as if in a chase

Somebody was after you

And the end was never near.

Funny how it ended

By letting go of everything

Feeling stupid and unlearning all things

Trailing behind also from religion

Those were the commands issued.

Wherefrom they come is still in doubts

Unknown of its origin

With no idea of where heading to

There is not a wishing of it happening again

For it was terrible being there.

Diminished prayers

Only observing the mandatory

It gave a meaning to something

That essence that is in there

Fulfilled though was little.

Plenty is the abundance

Getting here is glorious

Moving on from that is amazing

The excellent stuffs done in that phase plenty

And very much adorable.

Imaginations on it from me

It was just was a passing

To teach you

To change you

For the better and not the worst.

* Trickto continued enjoying his meal of matoke.

*His bestie was all but silent he had no reply.

*The sun shined more as if singing, “brighter days are yet to come, I believe….

Song credit: Sauti Sol x Soweto Gospel Choir- Brighter days

Photo credit: Laju Fotografie on Unsplash



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