Things happen. Good or bad, it depends with the eyes of the beholder. It may be suffering or happiness beyond measure.

For every moment there is something behind it. Call it a reason or a duty, whatever that suites you. Choose either for it does make sense.

The yearn for the truth, what that lies to the beyond runs deep. The search begins, books reading and videos watching. All these for the purpose of unearthing the unknown to light of day.

It may go either way. Content or more confused. It always is the latter and the hunger to know more engulf you. Tick tock tick tock.

Name it a process. All the above. Your mind is adjusting to the reality of what is happening. It want answers and how to avoid it. For for better or worst you want to prepare for it. The outcome that is to come.

Corrupted is the mind. Your adventure for knowing what that revolves around you lags you down. Every now and then that is what is thought about.

Missing out, that is what it causes. Love, friendship, fun, laughing, outing, gaming, texting, or outdoor activities.

Every time you are inside, a homer, for you have a role to play. To discover that which binds.

Funny how it is, all these are nothing. The trick is letting it ride, letting it drift, letting it go, letting it slide to miles far away.

Trusting the process. That the road ahead is clear. Nothing is blocking you. There ahead is the destination.

It is like washing clothes. After you do it, you do not force the wind or the sun to play it part. You let them be, to blow or shine at their own peril.

For that is what it is. Nature. It comes and goes at its own.

It is also believing in The One above. He that cuts across everything. Be it any among the creations. He is the Start and the Finish from all that is within this earth that is round.

It might seem lazy, just being there to put it so. But yeah it is a healing from within. Imagine like being in a tub filled with water and the cooling effect is in you. Calming the nerves, putting you to infinite abundance, like river flowing from mountain to downslope.

Behold it just is a simple word. Not too shady to make you scared. It surely is shallow. It has no special feature or a vocabulary behind it. It just is simple: doing nothing.

You had me right, doing nothing.  Do not get me wrong, effort is a must and sometimes it just reaches a time when you see it fit to let it be.

To let the breeze of wind beat you. To expose you to the natural that is beautiful and amazing and very much content-ful.

Photo credit: Arpit Rastogi on Unsplash

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