Short story OH MY


Missing. It portrayed in his heart.  He wanted to text, but he remembered the flirting books he had read. Do not text on weekends. Keep yourself busy.

It seemed it was Flash that happened. Out of nowhere and suddenly there. In a group of five, he saw whom he was missing. The gods of River Tana were with him, they had not forsaken him.

He let them sit down first so as to adjust to their environment. After that, he called the waitress. He blubbered something to her ears and the message was well received. For two minutes later, where the group of five was seated, the target was handed a cocktail of fruit juices. The smile was unmatchable and wow he too felt content. Carefully, he still checked onto that table of five. The world was changing, unsuspicious people lurked everywhere. You, the series speak for itself.

A note was taken from  the waitress by the target. He knew very well the content of the message for he gave that direction, “ Your favourite juice (heart emoji)- from Mr. P.”

Three months of friendship and guess how it started?Instagram. He saw a picture, commented confidently and next one thing led to the other and ultimately they exchanging numbers with each other. They had wanted to see each other face to face, but every time they were held up. Later on they agreed that they would meet each other by luck and surprise. “When we are nearby to each other and you see me, for the city is a small world, that is when we go for coffee.”

That was two weeks ago.

Immediately, he got a text, guess where? Instagram.

“Hey, is this cocktail from you?”

“Give a guess,” he replied.

“You are the only Mr. P I know,”

“That is me and I,”

“Where are you, I do not see you?”

He was camouflaged with the cap and sunglasses he was wearing.

“Deal is a deal, we are going on a coffee date,”

“But I have my friends with me, I cannot leave them hanging,”

“Your favourite movie is Kung Fu Panda, right?”


“What did Oogway say to Po when he said, “The universe has brought us the Dragon Warrior!

“What, I do not get you?”

“Remember your favourite scene,

There is a saying, “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift! That is why it is called the present.”

“Mmh. You….where are you?”

“Do you like magic,”

“Yes, somehow,”


He slowly approached where she was seated. She saw somebody coming to her, but was confused if it was Mr. P. He knew that element too, the cap and sunglasses were the cause, so he removed them. She exposed her white teeth.

He reached where she was, “excuse me ladies, may I borrow this beauty.”

Photo by Hello Lightbulb on Unsplash

Credit of Movie Scene conversation: Kung Fu Panda


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