like clothe

worn everyday it is

these palpitations goes on

like engine to a car it keeps running

vibrating with a roar

like a lion in the jungle

it never ends

the flow keeps continuing

like a waterfall cascading down the mountains

beautiful as a rainbow on a rainy day

these feelings if they were easy

they would have been calmed down

with a fire extinguisher but nay

they still are there

well the heart has spoken

red roses by the hands

at your door knocking

Cupid prospers

Athena quiets

for to reason has gone

 the what if it is a no

when you say it loud

the love that there is

from you to the other

Photo by Ed Leszczynskl on Unsplash

Abiyo Omar

Abiyo, born in Kenya, likes writing, dwelling on poems, scripts and philosophy. He posts in this website a short story on Tuesday and a poem on Saturday. He has a YouTube channel called Abiyo Omar where he posts Spoken Word. He also has another YouTube channel called Olryz Productions that features Swahili films. Abiyo by profession is a lawyer and a certified professional mediator.

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