it is with too many firsts

late night calls

no searching on what you were

your behaviours

your past relations and like

it was heart beatings at first sight

considering it was the pioneer days

composed a lot about you

through you was a journey of self discovery

of how creativity flowed

grateful will be about that

then out of the blues an event occurred

confusion ringed to silence from this end

returning back to you later on

you discover that it is spilled milk

it cannot be drunk again

to those episodes of relaxations

to those episodes of hyped energy

the bell has ringed

showcasing an end to a lesson

on a relationship

it awaits a bye bye

the love is still there

but for what need

holding on is being stupid

moving on is the way to go

and so the break up begins

tide to tide

or is this wrong

and there is hope

that it is tender like glasses

and with attentiveness and care

it is to be handled so

perhaps yes or perhaps not

Photo by YIFEI CHEN on Unsplash


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