maybe that is what needed

to remain silent

mind your own business

even for a while

enjoy the nature

the books to read

without texting or calling

just that at home relaxing

relating with family

and onward the day goes forward

but again you see there are responsibilities

things to keep in check

and relations to foster

so again the process begins and continues

like a cycle

going out there and being the best

that you are

smiling every way and also infecting others

and thrilling suddenly it becomes

it changes to be worthwhile

perhaps it was fear

that made you want to stop

Photo by Praveen Kumar Nandagiri on Unsplash

Abiyo Omar

Abiyo, born in Kenya, likes writing, dwelling on poems, scripts and philosophy. He posts in this website a short story on Tuesday and a poem on Saturday. He has a YouTube channel called Abiyo Omar where he posts Spoken Word. He also has another YouTube channel called Olryz Productions that features Swahili films. Abiyo by profession is a lawyer and a certified professional mediator.

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