Living,Short story ALL RISE


Different sizes. Small, medium, tall. The height. Made from many products were they, some glasses and others bricks. With the city aim of bringing in a sense of vibrance, some had been painted with drawings: sky crappers and buildings. There was a big screen on one of them and there some advertisements were being done, gluing the eyes of travelers as they travelled the road to, out and within the city.

He sipped from the bottle of juice he had with him.

“We have to be ready, I will take a few minute of your time as we head on there…” the other said.

She was cut short before the man said something.

“You know it is always healthy to eat sugary things at a timed manner,”

“Yes, yes, we have to prepare though,”

“Madam, which road are we using, the left or right?” asked the driver.

“Take the left.”

“It is why I take a sip of something with sugar in an interval of two hours, so this is my time,” he continued.

Oh my God, why did I choose this career? It can be so annoying. Why? Why? Calm, calm, you have got this.

She thought.

“We remain with thirty minutes before it starts. It is now or never,” she said.

He continued taking his sip of the juice, swallowing with pride, taking his time, looks outside the window, and admired what is seen. The countless number of people walking, the various businesses opened. The traffic police that kept moving his hand up and down, showing go and stop every now and then.

“You see this people and the businesses that run along this road, they bring a lot of monies, billions,” he said.

“Aah, you see that sign named Trico Hotel, that used to be very famous in my time and even yours I guess, but corona came, and you know like the Roman Empire even the mighty fall.”

He checked across the other passenger who was a she and she looked frustrated, the face showed that. Being an honorary senior citizen and much respected in the field of forensic document examiner, he understood the message.

“It is well, we can begin, time is not on our side.”

She was elated.

“We will begin with your name, your qualifications, area of expertise and achievements, books and like.”


“You see that was not that bad, it took us five minutes. I have been on the docks for quite a while now. Nothing new under the sun, same old tricks, same talk, only the rules of the game keep changing and the results sometimes winning and other times losing. It is life, I guess.”

She just said, “yes.”

“We have reached our destination. It will be Kshs. 560/=,” the driver said.

“Is it okay to be paid by M-Pesa?” she asked.

“Yeah sure,” the driver answered.

She paid. With a briefcase on her hand, and side by side with the other gentleman who was an expert on forensic walked out of the car and went their way to the entrance. They were searched of their belonging and it was not before long that they reached their destination. The room where the showdown was, fatal or epic depended on the showcase of the opposite parties.

It was not until 9:01 A.M that it begun with a statement, “All rise.”

All stood up and the judge entered. The proceedings begun, the first witness was the expert. He took the stand, was sworn and it begun. The playbook as they had prepared while in the car went along up to when it reached the most important part.

“I have two documents with me, here, Exhibit 1D and Exhibit 1E,” she said.

“Relevance is taken to the signatures signed on page 8, what can you say about them?” She handed him the two exhibits.

“For both two the signatures might look similar but upon further examination, you will notice that the second document has an additional letter D and full stop.”

“For no avoidance of doubt, which document is it that you are referring to becontroversial?”

“Exhibit 1E.”

“No further questions, Your Honour.”

“And if I may Your Honour, “

“Go on, counsel,” the Judge said.

“You Honour if you retire to you chambers, you will realize that Exhibit 1E is the contract in question that states my client will wire one million Kenyan shillings to the opposing counsel’s client as a gift on the third month after the date of the contract which was 1st January this year.”

“Objection, Your Honour.”

“On what point, counsel.”

The other counsel sat down.

<The end is but a sparkle of other writings>

Photo by Lewis Keegan on Unsplash.

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