Newly and normally, greetings.

Earlier on August 6th this year we had this dream of coming up with a multifunctional platform where we would be posting what matters to all of us. That is, stories that connect us through websites posts, novels, poetry books, spoken word, philosophical works and others. This can be attested from our social media handles at Instagram @abiyo_omar and Facebook Hamid Omar.

Come forward, on 12th September this year, we made that a reality. The name was to be Guyuka. We now have with us that platform called Guyuka at Play Store, where we avail all that in one. Website posts, ebooks section where we are to offer novels, poetry books and all kind of books, our social media handles, Instagram and Facebook, where you can connect with us and now we have posted several Spoken words at this YouTube channel.

All these are availed at that App called Guyuka. How do you put it, the more the merrier, and it is a matter of us making live our mantra, “We write from the heart, we feel it.”

Workings are in progress to diversify to other mobile phone store or even a desktop Application.

Yes, of course, you can join us in our dream to fly as Guyuka means that, by walking with us through the way for we have not disappointed you yet and we sure are making you content. You can show some love at YouTube channel called Abiyo Omar by subscribing and liking, commenting, and sharing our videos. Also, if you have Play Store with you you can download the App by typing Guyuka and right away it will show and with how wow it is you can also share it with your family and friends. You will see why, because it would be fun, pairing up with stories that brings about relations.

We also are in the next phase of Guyuka, film production. A short film is finalised, all that we await is finishing the editing part and we launch it. It will be posted at YouTube in a channel called Olryz Productions.

It sure is a sparkling journey, be with us.

Photo by Henry Xu on Unsplash

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