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True to meaning. Desires, affection all seem like an intrusion to the inner being of you. Should one accept them for they bring a sense of no peace, every time is a worry of if the other is alright? Is it a blessing to be in such a state of reality? Is it acceptable?

It is okay to be vulnerable, to not always remaining strong, but somehow, to an extreme it is right to exposing oneself for who you are. In essence being true to yourself and other people..

But is it not also that happiness welcomes with you when you talk to the other. You hearing them feeling fine makes you relax a bit,  to cool down. Are they the disease and also the cure? Is it a bitter-sweet situation, where you feel from low to high in an instant? But should that be the case, should not one be cautious for exposing oneself? For it is closer to you being hurt also. Your heart torn into pieces, and ultimately thrown into the trash of dustbin. Should it be a tight rope, passion like a juggler, true to skill but also fifty fifty, nature can play it bits and be unforgiving, injurious, harming you with a failure.

If there is a dimension, is this it, that table change? From being an optimist to a pessimist. Again it all lies down to being fearful of the result, the outgoing of positive, what if it goes right? That it is a yes. What happens when you cross the other side of the bridge.

It might sound stupid but should it not be giving your whole, for doing that you enjoy everything that there is to joy with? Isn’t that so? Like a traveller you ought to enjoy the journey as you travel along the city and you become amazed by the beauty of the city. Calm to the magnificence of the tall buildings with its beautiful decorations or the various statues of defined part of history. That brings a belonging to people, a unity of purpose.

What of means, that there ought to be transactions, out and in, you have to be prepared. To give resources, it is only when you are in that process of feelings that you do realise that resources are a must, you intend to make the other happy. Is it a matter of stressing too much?

Again the constant communication, one has to be there daily to lose not consistent, but this again there is divergging views, others say keep distance.  Quite interesting, and like law of the land, it has been practised, crossing borders after another. It is also confusing, for too much of something, it can bore and let the other not grow fond of you and ulitmately use you to advance other motives of theirs. Like if they need something they ask you for they know you can give them. Or should it be be medium, off and on, today there and tomorrow not there. Being a strategist, is that it? For truth be told, without strategy no where you will land, unless luck and that is for the counted few.

Relations are something else, sometimes active with each other then suddenly quiet, you discover, perhaps there was forcing on one end.  But should that matter? No. One should view it as day, it is time like the sunflower to grow with the sunlight, For how else can you put it? But rather it is a chance for you to meet other people who have the same energy with you. It is a time to sow your harvest. Again, without knowing that there is another part of the story. Sometimes people might be facing a situation or experiencing a certain disease, there is always a backbone to something. The issue at hand is who has the guts to ask the other for every one is looking for the other, the mover, who will be the first?

Regardless of all these, what that matters is: what makes you happy? If yes,then do it.

Photo by Dawid Zawila on Unsplash

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