Sipped a juice, both of them, but he was first to swallow. He awaited until all was clear then he begun.

“What do you call two stems joined together to make a V shape?”

“Mmh, that is hard,” she answered.

“A trouser.”

He laughed.

“What do you call a long line used to tighten?”

Silence from the other.

“A belt.”

He laughed again.

“Last one, like a door to other worlds.”

“This is easy,” he continued.

“Honestly do not know,” she said while a bit confused.

The expression on her face showed surprise and like, “what did I get myself into.”

It did not take long before she uttered that her phone was ringing and she needed to pick it up. She talked for a while to the phone that was on her right ear. He knew though that this was the same card trick, for nobody was talking through the phone. It was a tactic for her to escape from him. He needed not to be told where the problem was, his jokes. Though he thought they were comical, to others they were just that, pathetic. Seconds counted before she asked to be excused. She walked away.

Five minutes it took before the waitress came with a plate.

“Ooh, I thought you had company.”

“She left, my guess was my jokes.”

“What is wrong with your jokes they are perfect? I was giggling as I had them when I took your orders and went to the kitchen to fetch your orders.”



“Do you attend the Klikfordi?”

“Yes, I do, the comedy show at Klinkorli.”

“What do you say this Saturday, we two going there?”

“A date?”

“Maybe or maybe not.”

“But look at the brighter side, we all like that comedy show, so let us put it as such, we going to watch that,” she added.


“So mum, that is how you met?” The daughter asked.


Photo by Zakaria Zayane on Unsplash

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