sun blazing

it never is a dull day even with that

for having you near me means something

like the rays that shine

you make it bright

my life that is

and it becomes easy

everything goes smoothly

like a ride on a plain

like a ride on a cruiser ship

that smile of yours is adorable

regardless of the travel to the galaxies and beyond

this yours will always be the best

none can outmatch it

today you are glaring hot

liking this dress


as top glacier of Mt. Kenya

when a picture taken

so soft

so cliché

a super model

a fashionista you are

bumper to bumper

hands enclosed with each other

walking by each other

with that slower walking

as if counting the steps we make

to the running of each other

like kids we became

playing run catch game

my wow

this day keeps getting better

we stroll to a vendor

and order out an ice cream

enjoying the vanilla tests to it

to even joking with each other

you dotting to my nose ice cream

and me too doing the same







is it always

when out with you

mine truly beloved

from me truly loved

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash

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