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Thoughts. Simplistic but entirely weighty. It can derive things. Events happening, the goodly, the happy to follow you through. It derives in some sort of satisfaction that there is where it belongs.

It turns feelings, it turns the face to see a new light, to see joy at the end of the tunnel. It brings hope where all has subsidized, it births a need and a want, a push to achieve results that are beneficial, hopeful and glorious.

It brings vibes, wherever you go, smile goes with you. You flow with a swagger, a sense of pride, an emotion of full, content with what you have. Like there is the notion of plenty you have and at peace you become with yourself.

Imaginations is also prospered, you become entangled into those thoughts of fulfilment, of reaching, of being at the top of the bar. That nothing can stop you, you are the first and the last, the both high and low. The ultra big and gorgeous. That everything propels around you, and there are you to only attain it.

Confidence is boosted. You walk with an air of weight, that you are the say, you are the determination to something huge, something worthwhile, something fighting for, something aimed at, something dreamt of and something attained of.

It never is the same, everything changes, whatever that you do is seen easy, that you can accomplish, that there with you you have it. It is in your circle, you only remain to retrieve it, to walk it with you. To travel to far and wide and every time when words come out when you speak, nothing but the best originates from you.

Relations also become on the excellent side, you exist in perpetuity, you live for the behind reason or motive that this is long lasting, it will be here forever. That like the flowing water, it is colourless, beautiful beyond measure. Cool as wind from the mountain, calm as the ocean breeze, and energetic as the light rays from the sun.

With nature it aligns with you. It is like the stars have bowed to you, giving you vibrance, giving you entitlement, giving you a shrine of what a wonderful a world it is. Growing you with songs of dawn of day, songs of winter, songs of summer, songs of spring, songs of autumn. Like a bicycle ride in a nature trail, it become that, enriching.

Whole everything becomes like a ride, it matters not the equator , the north pole or south pole or the greenwich. Every thing becomes fluid, the universe, the heavenly things have accepted you. You become connected to your spiritual being, opening doors once never thought capable of being wide.

Of course all these, falls to only but one point. Having positive thoughts. Being optimistic to the tune of if even the present is not on your side, it is conspiring against you. Even if the now is shrouding you with an air of darkness, because you know what, when night does come and when it does, stars and the moon as bright as they are, they close that blackness and cover it with white. Like the running of a zebra that you see black and white, so too this becomes of. Mwaah! Perfect.

Photo by Andrew Ren on Unsplash

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