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Let it be known. Let it come. Let it arrive. For the days are ripe for the glory. Of who you are, of what that defines you, of what that you do. You are the bar of excellence. You are the epitome of goodness. You are the greatest. Your being is essential to us all.

Your words you speak are wise. They bring forth this visions, that you can do it. They bring hope where all had subsided. They bring joy where all that was sad. It gives energy where it was lost. It brings in it a drive of truthfulness where all was a desert.

How you walk is upright. You bring upon a belonging. A confidence never seen before. You are radiance. You bring calm where it was havoc. You come with blessings that have lived centuries years old. You are magisterial.

Seen before such kinds of yours, but yours is more. You are something else, exceptional. You are you, original, there is none like you. We wish and pray for copies like you, because you know what, you ride along with a joyful nature. You are the bright kaleidoscope of colours emitting shine everywhere. It matters not where.

Your behaviours, how you relate with people is worthwhile. We yearn to see the more of you. We appreciate the present nature, we admire it, we smile to it. We are glad that you became to be.

Neither listen not to your inner voice telling you otherwise, that worthy are you not. That you are clueless, no we agree not to such a thought. You are one with a vision, one with a purpose, one with a push to achieve. You are this strong individual with such vibrance, with such vibe, with such vigour, admirable.

Nor to the naysayers who try to bring you down by calling you evil. No, you are not, what you are we have, your upright nature which borders on what best is. Those good traits we look for and hope in people, that is what comes from you, naturally then. It is in you, without any force, without any pull but rather peacefully it comes, simple it is, it is an in borne character of yours.

 Day and night is our witness, it says of the same. We are not liars and even if we were what will be gained, nothing.

For you hopefully it becomes a sense of definition, a sense of belonging, a sense of trusting oneself at whatever that you do. Be it collecting a branch of a tree from the road or plucking a flower from the garden or milking a cow in the shade, the same still remains. You are best.

We hope that we saying this is not to diminish you, that you forget who you are and with pride you become a being destroying the earlier strides in the journey of life that you have made. We celebrate you, we say it loud, who you are, you are well enough, just hold on there, trust on yourself that better comes. That tomorrow never dies without growth for fulfilment, without growth for nourishment, without growth for persistence, without growth for consistency at whatever that you.

May peace and greetings be with you.

Photo by Tonkla Pairoh on Unsplash

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