Most satisfying is seeing results. Things you do shaping people, some way or the other. It truly is the hallmark of a creator. Seeing their work making a difference. Changing for the better, educating where it is,  encouraging, motivating, giving confidence and most of it all, entertaining.

It is every creator’s dream to reach such a zone of fulfilment, of reaching there. Where it is a high place attained, a position of satisfaction. A thrilling moment and an amazing experience.

Thankful to the audience, how appreciative we are of you, of all the ones that are out there. These works being produced are matching to your preference, the content is connecting with you. That is really cool, and it is every creator’s vision to that that holds dear. Thank you so much.

The journey has just begun and we pray to continue with this momentum of growth where we produce quality for you. With the writing improving as it goes. Also, proving how worthy and valuable your time is, fuelling this relation of a forever and never doubting yourself for giving your time to watch, listen and even read our works.

Again, thank you so much, we reaching this place, the many engagements here and there is truly satisfying. May our we continue being blessed, moving from one place to the other, helping us to be one, and fostering relations.

Our believe has always been that stories are what connects us, they bring upon this existence where you relate with one another. You feel with them. The sadness, the happiness, the reality, the imaginary, everything starts from there. You name it, love, growth of a business, starting of a family, friendships, colleagues or workmates. They all begun from that, stories.

May this relation never end, of the we in we, crossing bridges, travelling far and wide, opening borders, uniting cultures and ensuring understanding of differences that exist to bring upon peace and unity worthy dreamt of.

Because of you, with a phone, with a tablet, with a laptop, with that touch to tap and listen, and read, and watch, it has gotten us this achievement. Of we being the top 3% of the rising creators on Facebook and handed a badge to it.

Forever grateful, this is a we journey, a we moment, without we we could not have managed to be here. This rise, this identity was all because we are in this together. Journeying through the unknown, feeling with the personas of the written works, be it anger, pain, hurt, happy or leaving. Thank you so much. May the we in we continue prospering.

We strive to continue the effort put, laying it foundation to foundation, step by step till reaching the top of the game. No worries, we are never to disappoint, for yours truly is dreamful- Nobel Peace Prize for Literature is the prize, so we are not leaving each other. We sure are winning this title. Bumper to bumper, we will enjoy this ride, have fun along the way and enjoy every path that comes by. The celebrations, the missing and the gaining.

As we always say it, we write from the heart, for we feel it. The we in we builds more and grows for better and better. Cheers and thanks again for the achievement, without you, this could not have happened.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexel

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