Blowing wind. The fan propelled with a rate quick, level two. The quiet that befell that time. The mosquitoes danced to their tune for blood. A tiring day it has been, the body has raised its hand, it has surrendered. It went well though, the day, for you smiled, for you were happy, for you talked,  for you did spread a few words of wisdom and even made jokes to each other, whom that were close by and laughed out. Sleep is calling from a far it bore slowly by slowly for it is night time.

You evaluate things, those that you find worth it, a teaser for the brain to think through, to discover something. Both helpful, eye catching and breath taking. Ought to be like the leaves on trees, ought to be like the petals on rose flowers, ought to be like engines to cars, ought to be like stanzas and lines to poems.  You should know it too- value.

Know yourself, who you are that you have value, you are a treasure, you are imperfect but also perfection, you are true, there is none like you. No matter the instances you are better. Who you are, what that identifies you is original, a hybrid of good and best and a separation of bad from worse and worst.

Trust me you, that is important, knowing such a label. For you will rise with pride, enough that is, and not too much. Confidence pumps in you, self esteem pulls up at the stage awaiting your boarding with the destination of feeling worthy and needed.

Know it deep within that you have an energy, this pull that is amazing, colourful, beautiful and so cool that it lightens rooms where we belong that you go to. Like butterflies you beautify the day sky, and like stars you brighten the night. Know it and only you can.

You should learn the act of peacefully going away. Saying your goodbyes where not needed, where what you represent you are not appreciated. That energy that you give, is not returned, that greeting given that is not coming back, that believing that you are close yet you are not.

Learn to let go of that misunderstanding that you had, that you were near to each other, you knew each other better, that buddies you are. When all that is one sided, yours. Who misses the other is you, who greets the other is you, who has stories is you, who shares jokes is you, who shares books is you, who shares songs is you, who shares good news is you. Just know it early on that it is one sided.

Truth be told that is the route to disaster. Negative follows you, your thoughts, your actions and even how you feel. Sad you become. You ask: why can it not be reciprocated back, that which you are giving? Why do the words have no drive ? Why do the words have no vibe back? Why is it not 100% but below 50%? Why is no emotions heightened to it? For you know what, words no matter written or said have feelings to it, you can gauge how one is on the other side was feeling. It is a two way back street. Encode, decode and receive.

Save yourself the trouble. If you find not the energy you give not coming back to you, for peace, for sanity’s case, for your health, for your beloved, because yes, when you are affected, they too become that, run away. It is not being a coward, but it is being brave. The strongest ones are not always those who fight but those who anticipate, see the future and to avoid that bad, so take cover. Some takes are not for taking they are for leaving. Know your value also. Value to be valued.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexel

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