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There is always a way. There is always a route. There is always a path. For every journey there is a direction, one which to follow to lead to the light. Where joy fills in, confidence pumps and self esteem is boosted beyond measure. But again, there is confusion. There are two opinions, which one do you follow.

One subscribes to the notion of having it straight, focus on the end and that is it. Straight shoot and so it be. Ride with me a little. You want to be a basketball player, a huge success that is. To be that requires taking hits, absorbing the pain that comes the way, the injuries that will knock, the failures, the ups, the lows. Everything including to the training you will do, the waking up early in the day, jogging, exercising or doing the necessary steps required to reach the goal. Or to put much into perspective the idea of 10,000 hours of pure preparation, though this is rather disputed, other thoughts are there. That is,  it matters not the hours put, what is required is the consistency and pressuring oneself to achieve something.

Doing that enables you to focus and satisfies you for with every step you rise step by step till you reach the final dreamed position, there. This is the direct approach. This however has it ill to it. There will be resistance that will be caused at a higher rate. It is like the transportation sector, the front piece  has to be shaped like a bullet for it to manoeuvre and alter the movement of the wind to adapt to it, to flow smoothly and reach its destination much faster and reliably. But using a straight design then the chances of even moving, yes are there but highly unlikely.

However, is that the end to it? The direct route. Perhaps the goal one wanted is to be remembered as the best coach that there is. This being a player is just a distraction, a means to perfection, to attaining the statute needed to climb the ladder.

To put it into more perspective is like saying the first word when you meet a lady that you love her. Disaster will follow you and you will be resisted. There has to be means to be taken, yes you might express yourself, but you give it time for it to succeed. Doing that is only then that it would increase the chances of getting her.

How do you put it, it is tactical using a means to reach a means. For doing such a strategy disruption is never there, you getting what you want will be easier. For you have made your “competitors” concentrate on many things that you were doing, you were neither here and there. Only later on to realise that you wanted that other thing, by then it is too late for them to manoeuvre. For you were everywhere. It is how monies works, looked is that to receive more the strategy mostly used is what financial experts call for diversification. This might not be guided though. Not a financial expert. The readings though mostly talk about one diversifying. You are into properties, into shares, into salaries, into business and other stuffs.

So which is which? Which is it? Direct or direct? You choose, for there is always a way and an opinion to each of either.

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