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Wave moving, back and forth. Cars being driven to and from. Bicycles being ridden to work. Children waking up early for the search of education. The blowing wind, the swaying of trees, the twittering of birds, the movements of the flags. The stopping at a road stop, the reducing of speed at a bump. Wearing nicely brightly colours. Walking, eating, drinking and laughing out to the joke. Admiring the rising sun and fleeting days as it goes. The normal and the ordinary.

Which day of the week is today? Thursday and tomorrow? Friday. See it is the passing. How was today? Mmh, tiring so far, not ended yet, but you see what? Yes, what? There was breathing, there was walking, there was attaining what that was needed. The next day, hopeful too, all would be well, it will venture out smoothly like a rally driver in the interior semi desert landscape and shouldering to a win or if not at least a finish.

There is something to little regardless to smile to. There is that if we look upon, to self discovery we will, that there, there now, here, here. It is like the flipping of a page in a book, every one has a lesson to it, it has beauty to it. Look and you will see, what a delight, what a moment, what a grasp to a second of a big laughter.

You know what the deal is? We look at that one issue, it does not go our way and that is it, a spring board to brood. We become layers, laying upon the eggs of sorrows, laying upon the eggs of no hope, laying upon the eggs of no future, laying upon the eggs of no drive, laying upon the eggs of no energy. Closely though if we look, it will be noticed, that that is but one among the few that are there, perhaps upon counting there are only five. That is the negative. What of the positive?

It did rain today, you saw the rainbow and you smiled. The rain was a blessing to the spinach seedling you had planted at your garden. While going where you were going using a public transport, able were you to catch a sleep even if not much, rarely that happens. The music played at the radio hosted your favourites mixes, making you remindful of memories. To that one day when you were at the beach playing volleyball with your friends. It made you even phone each of them to make invitations for the weekend, to relive that day. They so agree.

See one issue, perhaps that job you were looking for was answered not rightly, but again the many more light to it is exceptionally. It is like that droplet of rain that does havoc to the ground. A splash happens, soil is displaced, a hole is made, but what of the rain as a whole? The farmer laughs, the dams excite, the animals rejoice, children become playful, sleep comes easily, all becomes peaceful, the rush increases and reaching home becomes the call, remindful of east or west it is where the best is.

Next if a disappointment does come, look around, analyse and you will notice that within you, in your environment there is something or many of them to be happy about. For every brush hold, there is magnificence waiting, to produce that majestic piece of art. Click, click, camera.

Photo by Youngafrikanna on Pexels

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