We are always new to something. We arrive somewhere and already there are people there, the big names, those that are living the tops, the excellent ones. You have not been noticed yet, but you want to be there. You want to be on that table. You want not to be a minion. You want a seat at the table. A chair of one’s own.

There are of course many routes to that. You can be under someone and hope that eventually you can ride to the top by the clutching of the one already there. You hope and say perhaps someday your name will be carried forward and recommended by them. That you know what, that and that we should have a seat also for them.

That however is a 50/50 chances, you can either be recommended or someday somebody better than you comes along and takes your place. The senior looks for mentees and to that they choose the best that are there. When another better than you comes, likely the other will be chosen and you will be left all alone. Or they make it as a fight between you and the new entrant, engaging you in a scramble to just taste the waters, to see whom among you should be chosen to be their mentee.

Of course guidance of your seniors is important, you cannot wander alone during the night when yet somebody knows the route well with the potholes and the spot where foxes are. You need them, 1,000% sure.

It is not wrong though to think of the what if? What if you become excluded by the other who is better than you. You must be wary of that day. That is why you must be both. Be taught under somebody and also have the bigger picture, build your own.

We will base our example to a jerry can with water in it. The jerry can being the field you are in. The water being the tops of the field occupying it. There is no more thought than to that, you are an outsider and you now what to become the water itself.

Picture this, take your right first finger and dip it into the jerry can of water, then rotate it for a while, you will discover that the water sort of dances in circles to and back for sometime until it settles.

It is the same principle also here, that as an outward movement being you, and do something, be that, the right first finger. Cause a disruption, when we mean a disruption we mean do something ethically that makes you to be recognized, do it so many times that overtime you will be accepted. Just like the right first finger was accepted of its disturbance and its rotation became part of the water.

Let us take an example, let us say you want to be noticed when you enter a room, one which you want to turn people to support you. Perhaps you were running for an election. Important will be the clothe that you will wear, it has to showcase an attraction, one which you will be taken seriously, your walk also has to be of confidence. You way of speaking should be one charming and one of energy. Your body movements too.

With the 21st Century at our door, what that moves you rightly is information. If you have it share it, be an expert onto yourself. Do it consistently that later on you too will be welcomed to the table, not to forget, you are under the guidance of one already there. For to remain on the table, that is another knowledge required, to remain relevant you have to know the ways of moving, the ways of relating to each other, or in other times, the rules of engagement. This is to ensure no matter what comes, your seat is guaranteed.

Well, cheers to another thought. Again, you can disagree to agree, there is every thought for everyone.

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

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