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Laziness has surged in. No more is it the same. Something has changed. The energy done when doing things is there but little. Sometimes you think is it paying off, has God blessed it right? Has He shown the light upon the road? Is it a moment of blessings? You do feel it, that pump of new blood in you, you seem plenty, you vision gratitude, you enshrine an energy, a drive, sort of a pull to magnificence.

It does feel right, nature has transpired, it is giving, it is returning the effort given back, that is why the relaxation. Plus you see it as a means to evaluate, to see how far from you came and where to going. The start was not easy but here you are, ushering a new dawn of enlightenment. The eyes do see, the ears to hear, songs of joy, songs of achievements, songs of accomplishments.

It also teaches you something, overtime you have come to notice that thoughts are an amazing thing. You have to think positive, you have to live into it, prosper in them, hug them tight and never let go. It surely does pay off, no more are the things that once were the same. Entirely different and new perspectives, one that rides high.

It also is not a matter of going slow or fast, go with your own pace and you have to do it alone, no one can do it for you. Important though is doing it and believing in it so deep in you that it flourishes you, wherever you go to smile follows you because you know what, you have that imagination in you. That it is there and here with you now.

The believe is that it is not about a matter of age, it is what you say, what you do and thought process you have. Sometimes you get asked , with your small age what can you say about this? But are there not books that guide, that show the path. Is that not the works of knowledge guiding and altering the thought process, giving you something entirely awesome? Adding weight to your brain.

Relations well it is not one to be put so much into heart, just relate to and expect nothing to come by your way. Okay, optimistic is good, but give oneself a chance to be a pessimist. It is a matter of being a scout, ” Be prepared,” for the worst if it is to happen. Again a minimal percentage you give this.

Greet, share the joy and that is it. If one day one remembers you and greats you back, well and good and if not well it is never the end of the road. It is the trekking that is important, seeing the various trees that cover the road, the various animals that pass by, the various inhabitants that cross with you, the cascading rivers flowing down the road, the cries of the birds up the air. The clear blue sky, the riveting sound of car engines blowing not so far away to that smell of oil flowing down the road from that garage on the road.

With time you come to realise happiness is from within not from outside, if you are stable inside then no matter the instance, no matter the situation everything dwells well.

It is also right that when you want something so bad, people come to your aid, helping you out, they feel part of your journey. Without a calling, they come by.  

Well, well this is the feeling, all is well, all is coming to terms, everything is going as it is, everything is fluid flowing. It never is a dull day, it is joy, joy, joy.

Sometimes though you quickly ask: are you using somebody? It never is a clear path, that is why the push back, to evaluate, to rethink. After all it is a matter of how important you can be to another and not how useful they can be to you. Oh well, agree to disagree.

It surely is within, the inside, the you, the he, the she that determines everything. So you do think, so it does becomes. So there it is, as you so think, it becomes.

Photo by Lachlan Ross on Pexels

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