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The wind blows to a tune. One of beeps fuelling energy. One of drive and momentum to a future filled with joy. Let it not be the other way round, unknown, radar less and confusion.

Let it be happy times, smiling face like sweetness of soursop. Let it be a flag to waive with the air and adjust to the weather. May it be so. Adapting.

May it be right, may it be correct and not jumpy as the wavy sea on a rainy day. Let it be proud like a chameleon showcasing it’s variant colours while atop a mango tree. Let it be colourful.

Sway with a swagger let it be. Like a seesaw up and down like a rockaway. Tuneful like music to earphones attached in the ears.

Confusion rings, here and there but is that not the process? Like tulips on a rainy day competing with onions. Let the dawn be something like dew on the early day, with those tiny droplets as you walk by step by step. With those dots of water falling on clothes or your skin bringing about the wavering coldness and this feeling deep within. One which connects you to your deeper heart and soul.

Like a hike as if say Mt. Longonot, this is not easy, a two, a three or a many. Still regardless you have to chose. It is like the going to the supermarket and there upon your eyes are a variety of toilet papers placed on top a shelf with variety of its names.

Is it sometimes fear? That if you take the leap, that if chosen that you will face something entirely new. You have not encountered that is. Is this indecision a result of that? You do not know if you jump into the swimming pool, will it be too cold or too hot? What is it?

Is it about missing out? You have wished for this chance and here it is but reluctance, mmh. It pulls you back. Second guessing becomes the habit. Thoughts harbours. What if it is a wrong one? What then will happen, for every push in nature there is a pull. What result will it be.

Sometimes, no matter the outlook, no matter the image taken out there there is an inner identity, the so called alter ego, fighting the outer core of you. It hits it hits with such force, with such magnitude not known before.

The thought is that experience cures it all, one who has done earlier on is way more happy to do it, for they know the terrain. They know where to part of the desert is much windy with sandstorms and whereto is an oasis located to. Not that, the exact opposite makes one a duckling when new to the lake. Stupid at its best, coward at heart, scared at its core and weak in mind, body and soul.

It looks like a trampoline, no matter what you think as is, you ought to jump again and again higher higher or lower and lower and hope. Hope that the net never torns down making you fall down.

Does it matter though, regardless of being untested you have to be a broker, you have to be an investor. Vest your monies to shares of companies during a bear market like how it is now. Interest rates soaring high, high cost of goods, money flowing less, unemployment on the rise and so too is standard of living. With each day birthing a new kind of thieve.

One might not understand, it does look entirely a confused fellow but is that it? Yes it is. But why? It is first of such a standing. It both rings of the higher you go the cooler it becomes and the lower you go the hotter it becomes. It is like a tongue reaction to the first taste of chilli sauce. Hurting, bitter, sour, tearful, makes one thirsty, all in one.

Be as it may you still have to make a choice. A struggle of many mays. May may.

Photo by Karen W Lim on Pexels

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