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The feelings you do relate to. The degrade, the toasting aside, feelings to it. Not so legit, there and not there. You sometimes ask is it about thoughts you have, you are thinking negatively when yet all is sunny. But should you not believe to gut feelings? What does it say? Is it black or white? What colour is it?

Is it clear as water? Is it pretence? Being close yet not so there. A distant far away. A smile here, a laugh there. Is it but lying to each other’s face? Is it but tendering a letter to be read with sweet words but the words are something else, entirely different? Pressuring, hard, strong-lined, absent minded.

You do the phone calls. Sometimes it does feel like disturbance you are doing. Sometimes there is giving up. Sometimes there is relaxing. Sometimes it is not always a push.

Are they matters in the head thinking? Or is it a reality downing? To let go, to let go. No worry the road taken because you know it to reach you will there, there, there.

You never know the lie on the face. Those chameleon eyes that rotate around. Looking, gasping for air and altering every now and then.

You stand though clearly and look far and wide. The clandestine landscape, the trees up to the sky, the leaves so many. The sky crappers towering, the people moving, the cars driven, the seats taken by plenty of human at the park, the chatter, the noise, the blink go blink go of traffic lights, the roar of thunder up the sky, the fall of droplets of rain from the clouds, the black nimbus clouds up there when your eyes look. There upon the rain downing on you, you do discover.

Thoughts are paramount to you. What you so think, so it becomes, it is true, it is right. It fuels you, it energies, it gives a pace, a momentum, a going to something definite and true.

Ride along like a cart on the track, fly like the bees in the hives, walk like ants on the ground, ooze with vigour like wasp to orange trees, be there and relate like soap opera in televisions channels.

So you do think of happiness, nothing can come you asunder, you too will be happy, no matter the face that says and speak different. Why so lie though? Why so, each and everybody of us. Is it convenience? Is it sometimes a must? We ought to do it to survive. For real there is no more reason to that, it is not homeostasis but we derive thoughts of evolution. It is about growing for the better, but what is this which is better? Falsehood, not so real things, speaking abstract.

Speak no more we are just but that, all of us, somehow we have done it without not knowing. Talking to a child, we do tell a lie, what that you think is not real? What that you expect is something else.

Unhooked it sure is, nothing else.

Too much, too many fronts but is that not it, that at ends day, a message is taken home. It speaks in a language we understand, in signs we relate to. So it be, now in respect we do.  Namaste, hi, as the Indians say, and gamsamhamnida, thank you , as Koreans say.

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*thoughtly: to mean thoughts.

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