He did not know if he was to do it or not. Was it worth it? Was there another means? Was there an option to it?

His body felt the urge, one to partake it. It was dying inside. The throat made it looked liked death, it sure was for it was survival. Everybody had to, it is a means to living, to be present to the reality that soaked in. It is part of a larger system, it pinpoints to instincts and even more.

Memories at such a moment eclipsed him. He remembered the little girl he left back at home. She was sweet, playful, lovely and defined of beauty. She did sparkle, she had this light when she smiled, that laugh that was curable when back from work tired sort of. Her laugh quelled all that, it was a medicine to the heart. She was so cute and added to that was her saying words unknown when speaking, akuntakutaki, was mostly her favourite. She was still learning to speak, she said words only her knew what they meant. The good thing it was a playtime repeating her words and also one inventing their own, though not knowing the meanings to them, but she laughed, so it was a joyous experience. He surely missed her and he wanted to meet her again, a decision had to be made.

He reminded himself of the day when he left her to coming here in the wilderness, places so blessed with sunlight that it made it hotter and sweaty easily. He was at the place of leaving near the coast, when duty called, it was an order, he had no option but to go. The nation came first, when it called, it was to be obeyed.

Those sides where he was going were rather problematic. Uproar after another, fights after fights it was, it was never calm, it was fire, fire, fire. Peace was an alien term leaving him no other choice but to go.

His wife was worried,

“ But I thought with your contract over, they will lessen your actions? You would not be taken to conflict areas.”

“My experience is needed.”

“But you only just arrived two days ago from war?”

“The nation calls.”

“I told you the other day, do not sign the contract again, but you were so blah blah now see this, “ thank you for signing again, now, we want you to go…”

She was not happy at the base also, when saying goodbye, Amirah, was sort of angry but what could she do, it was decided, he had no other option. They hugged each other and here he was, they had been attacked and in that instance it was ordered, retreat, so it was taken that way.

Ten days now in the wilderness, their ration of water was diminished and here he was the leader that was still standing, fifteen under his command followed his lead.

In their times of searching for water they came upon one that was a water catchment area, though the colour of the water it held was greenish. They were thirsty and all looked at him, what will he do? Will he set the example? Was he ready to try? To see for themselves that he was in charge.

Vomit wanted to come out of him for the smell of the water was beyond measure, but he retained it all in. He did not want to show weakness, so with courage and confidence from his ancestors, he was born of days he decided. He was before the coming of the colonialists a family of royalty, he was a prince by blood and he had to show it, the blood of the brave and entitled run in him and this was the moment to do them proud. Wherever they were to look down on him and sing praise and utter with vigour, “ that is our son.”

He kneeled down, and with his hands as sort of a bucket fetched water from the catchment area and drank.

All his juniors looked at him, he swallowed the water.

“ It is all safe, we can all dig in,” he said.

They followed suit too.

Photo by Olya Harytovich on Pexels

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