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What, that is real? For it is there, standing and facing you, connecting with your inner being and soul. It yearns for a definition, a purpose, a drive and sort of a push.

Growing it is, stage by stage, but have we asked, how important it is? That inner child in you, what is it that defines you?

We seek not to go further, we start with standing at the door. Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! You hear the sound from the inside- enter. What is this inner child?

It is about those believes, those touching’s you had with you, those that made you happy, those dreams, those bearings to something. Be it watching a movie, or a cartoon and building a relation. Or that person you had so frequently heard somewhere, could it be the news? Could it be the magazines? Yes. Some other times it is just thoughts coming, where from? Nobody knows, but somehow you have a stand to it.

It might be that the word presidency fancies you, so you make oneself a badge and pin the word president to a bank you have named it, see a tip of the iceberg. Or the love of shares. See these come from nowhere it is just about the mind revolving and giving suggestions here and there.

Growing up and to make any sort of fulfillment in living is about bringing these inner child aspect into motion. Living to them, being them while the adult version.

Little but the happiness that it comes with it is beyond measure. You might not have reached the bar, you might not have reached there, where there is wealth, but you doing it, that inner child, that which you love. There is where happiness is. It is where the trait of relaxation comes in, it seems you live in no worry, everything you see it as settled.

It is this little things, these tiny droplets that make the colour well mixed, the paint beautiful and usage by the painter easy, you, on a house to be a marvel. Such perfect, such calling, such distinguished, such calming, such refreshing.

If asked, what is the little secret to life to be? Well, this is it. It is a matter of diving deep into the river of childhood and be in equal footing with the vibrance of such splash of water. It is a matter of enjoying that moment of the breeze of sunlight, letting the sunbath hit you strong enough to enjoy to the cascading rays hitting your eyes. The dropping of waterfall not so far and the voice of celebrations of the birds in the air. The inner child.

Again it does not just end with the inner child, it is about research, discovering how to connect with that inner child. Thereafter it is implementing, rise by rise, slowly by slowly.

Fear at first is normal, it gives sort of a push, the needed one, that drive to accomplish. That string of attachment to hope, believe, momentum, drive and such magnificence, such co-existence with one’s inner belonging.

Of course not all inner child should be followed, there must be sieving done every time as with each move made from the inner child. This is a moment of both mutual discovery or individual discovery. What is meant by this is, sometimes with help from outside or through our very own means, we discover things. To do or not to do.

Photo by Masood Aslami on Pexels.

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