Do you find oneself living in another world? Way different from the others. Is it okay to hold on to ideals or let them slip? What will you get? Will you have or get someone with similar traits as you?

Should there be hope? That you will find like you. Difficult it would be, not easier, tough it would be. Should the dynamics change, should you flow with the river water.

What makes of you also, have you become judgmental and not curious. But again curiosity killed the cat. Which is which? What principle should it be used? Is it of: do not judge a book by its cover.

Or is it fear? Finding a new environment. You have to adapt to that new system. Like light in a bulb to glow and brighten the moon.

Should it be about patience, waiting, praying and letting go, be gone and be will be. What will to come was to. That moon lights during the night and make it broaden with freshness and whitening effect, together with the stars shining.

Or is it changing ideals too, being water to a glass and structuring and placing oneself to the shape of the glass. Round will be round, rectangular will be rectangular and square will be a square.

Tiding waves, moving back and forth. There are promises to be kept, long driving ones, that brings about this fluidity of mind, to prosper to fullness of times and growth wondered of.

Just like to reach the moon was to dream about or for civil freedom movement of, “ I have a dream,” birthed from.

Dream, dream, you will have, you will not waiver, raise not the white flag, to prosper and grow you will. You will learn from the step though true and honest but confusing, actions to be made. Switch turning like chain to a pedal ride of a bicycle.

The sheets will change ultimately, the pillow will be satisfactory and to sleep you will. You will switch off the lights, doze well and be welcomed to a world of aspirations, fulfillment, another happiness and such belonging to who or what is or ideal.

It requires the pace of a tortoise, slow but sure you will reach. Step by step. Walking up a staircase is not easy, especially after running. You will catch a breath. Relax a little. Energise oneself again, start all over again. Just because the glass shattered means not you will stop drinking water. You will feel bad for the loss of the glass, but ultimately, with your hands, palmed together, water you will drink.

Nature as it is, has a way of putting you in a spotlight, making you decide things, you feel bad about so, but what do you have to do. If it is to shower with sunlight it is, if it is to breeze you with wind, then air will blow.

Row row row your boat…

Photo by Jan Van Bizar

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