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“The book is fascinating with a plethora of life teaching lessons.

A true reflection of both hard life challenges and soft life challenges portrayed in a rhythmic manner, poetry at it’s highest notch.

It’s a good masterpiece that is commendable to be read by all sects, be it students or professors. It has got defining choices that require decisive solutions that is all covered in the book. More ink to the pen”

~Swadiq Gayoye, Actuary~


“I like the way your poems make you think deeper but just like a snippet and leaving you to solve the rest. You are a great writer for sure.”

~Gracious Nyandiwa, Lawyer, Model and an Entrepreneur~


“So I read the story. It was good. I liked the procession and turn of events from the start. It’s a solid story. Good work man. Looking forward to more of such stuff.”

~Malaki Malawi, Poet, Short Story writer, and an Architecture major~


“I like the aspect of storytelling in a poem…like someone can read it and create a picture. Also the comparison is on point…how you relate it. Generally it was a good feedback.”

~Hassan Rashid Bwire,  Accounting and Finance major~


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