Abiyo Omar has been a writing journey walked by since 2011, that birthed an earlier work written in 2014 and a first published work in 2020. It has been 11 years of pure joy, pure gift, and pure satisfaction as every way through it, lessons plenty were and ongoing being learnt. Growth it has been and continues to flow, like roots the search for water in the soil has never diminished. As huge as a baobab tree the rise has and still is both splendid and beautiful, eons and eons to come it still propagates.


Stories make us who we are, it is the basis of any communication, it is what brings us together from that one relationship to the other. Be it family, friendships, or colleagues at work. Stories are what shapes us, moulds us, and alters us one way or the other and making us better. That is our mission, bringing these stories to one place.


It is about bringing those stories right before your eyes, you name it- spoken word, poems, short stories, novels, sequels, philosophical works, movies, series, print media, television, or radio. It pens down to what basically art is, a reflection of what the society is. We are because we are. Continent, country, the society, family, friendship, workmates, our outings, our hobbies, our likes, our hates, our philosophy, our outbringing, our feelings, our existence, nature, opinions, religion, ethnic belonging, is what shapes us. It all is about that, giving a voice to all these notions.


Writing, it was, is and will always be. As stated from what stands from us, that puts us as front runners is; “We write from the heart, we feel it.”


What shakes us is the creative element that is within us. As a group of people with the same story, mission, vision and what moves us, that which inspires us to be better at what we do.


For every beginning there must be an introduction, something tangible that which you can see, touch and even feel it with every inch of your body, heart and soul. We introduce to you- Guyuka, that is our platform, our label, like our staircase ride, it means to fly. As well stated, it is nice to be early, but the patient one has the last laugh. 1,2,3, let us breathe in and out as we await for it then.