18. I SEE


I see green,

The colour of grasses growing.

I see blue,

The colour of the sky.

I see red,

The colour of roses.

I see yellow,

The colour of the sun.

I see white,

The colour of the clouds.

I see cream,

The colour of clothes hanged.

I see grey,

The colour of homes.

I see black,

The colour of cows passing.

I see brown,

The colour of people walking.

I see colourless,

The colour of mirage.

I see wide and far,

Nature at its best.

Photo credits: https://unsplash.com/photos/sfXgg-7Df0A

Abiyo Omar

Abiyo by profession is a lawyer and a certified professional mediator. Abiyo likes writing, dwelling on poems, novels and philosophy and he awaits where the future will land him to which other genre.

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