Ouch! Thinking of it pains a lot. Not doing it also hurts, it has repercussions, the future will not be bright, it would be dull. A picture of a beggar roaming around with shattered clothes, seemingly seen body, hungry, and dirty searching dustbins after the other for food. That was beyond measure, it scared the whole lot. With enough courage woke up.

From this if even we can call it a bed, but yes we can call that. Metallic was it. The mattress was wow, how do you put, like slaps on the face. You cry again and again but you have to bear it. Should it be this hard? Should it be this not touching? Should it be this suffering? Why all these circumstances? So many rules?

Ooh do not come with blue band, ooh do not come with a heavy density mattress, ooh no sodas, ooh no maandazi, ooh no juice, ooh no crisps, aah it is too much.

Anyways what benefit would it derive if even I complain? Nothing exactly. So it becomes, it is, acceptance. The evil reality that downs, hoping with it, adjusting with it, living with and adapting to it. Like the lions in a park I have to accept to this state of the zoo, yes a zoo, for that is what it is. Timed eating, everything is with time. To enjoy oneself. Is this discipline or torture?

The sleep, wow, it is sweet, like the dreams were coming well. I dreamt to be in a big house, palatial, eating breakfast while enjoying a movie. Amazing isn’t it? But I had to cut it early on, for not doing that would result in being late to going to another timed place eventually to being beaten with no mercy. Like cows to a shade we have to go and eat grass, whether we like it or not, we have to. There is no negotiation, it was not like politics, you hate or love it, who cares.

With forcing I wake, I put my one leg down, ooh my the chills that came with it. Now what floor, what do you want now? Can you not be friendly, just this once be a loving sibling? But no, you decide to be an enemy, giving me the welcoming of what a day it would be.

With every step encouraging myself I take the walk to fetching, there is a line on the tap. I am not alone, there are early risers apparently, being in the lower rank, I had to accept it, mostly being passed on the line by my seniors. This goes on until luckily I reach my turn. The first hurdle has been conquered.

What follows is hard, using that water in the bucket, I head into the ablution and the process begins. The dance of quivers. I place the bucket of water on a stand and it starts. I place my hands into the bucket and using my hand pour it upon myself. Waah! The first. Waah! The second. It was really cold, very very cold. It would go on with constant stops but doing that made it even worse, the colder it get and it sort of burned my body, iconic. Bravely that ends, but the shivering does not end, it continues and it is only the beginning.

The school where at is in a cold environment and the coldness is just the beginning, it would be shivering up to 11:00 A.M thereabout.

After dressing, with energy bearing the cold weather I head to class. Preps is about to begin in the next ten minutes. Well what a day it is going to be this one.

Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush on pexels

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