Poems 3. EATER EAT


Someday the roar will be heard,
Loudest to echo,
The jungle will shake,
Zebras will run,
Squirrels will hide,
Hares, brave they are will be sweating,
The race will begin,
A chase for the eat will start,
The mightiest to the smallest of them all will be the first;
That is but for another day, today, let us get going,
We have a lot to see,
The leopard hunting and eating on trees,
The monkey squawking and jumping on trees,
The frogs croaking at the river beds,
The crocodiles busking in the daylight sun,
The snakes slithering on the grounds,
The birds chirping in between the skies,
The air balloon to travel into,
The car hoots, and off the engine fires on.
Photo credit: Unsplash.com

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