Short story APPLE OF THE EYE


Fine things I have heard, but not like you. You are something else. Gold, diamond, words cannot be found to describe you. You are that treasure indeed, during the day you shine and at night you lighten the darkness that is there. Like moon, you brighten my soul.

Amazed I am by just you, who that defines you. You do have a sense of humour, impecable. You do have brains, unmatched. Have I told you, how gloss you look when you wear glasses, though not medical but for fashions sake.
Glaring was all that was left of me when I first saw you. You were this wonderful, the embodiment of gods I read while in history classes. They were this mystical that you find them sole in a lifetime. You were that, authentic, the one in a million.
When I first talked to you, my heart bumped. It was a wow moment, you never wish it to end. You want it to go on and on like sun rays in dawn. You were splendid and I knew then and then you were the one and only.
I got your number and it felt like heaven. Your messages were worthwhile. It felt like taking a stroll at the beach, with the nice wind, the azure sky and the never ending aroma of fun. Call it abracadabra, for it was magic.
Captured is what I am looking for. I was a prisoner in my own heart with the cell being the mind. Every now and then it was thoughts of you. I cannot argue with that. It was the purest form of action doing it deed. Love.
Ever since I have not looked back. The journey ahead is clear and true. Like religion dwells in us. It would be a lie not to say it. I had wished to take a microphone and a van and ride through the whole town bringing home this message, but at the end, it is a two persons journey. That is, I like you.
Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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