Short story UNDER THE MOON


“I cannot deny this essence in me. White as the cumulonimbus clouds, clear as fresh water lake and certain as the days of the calendar are. My heart without a shadow of doubt is true. East or west, home is the best, this is where I stand. I guarantee you eternity will it last, for none it palpates to. Like the planets do revolve around the sun, so this too.

Words cannot describe them, no matter how I try to and the fear of the unknown is in me, very deep indeed. I ask myself, what will happen? I might get hurt also. For truth be told, getting it out is tough for these emotions buttressed inside is like uprooting a baobab tree. You imagine it, right? The roots are more than many feets under, that is me now. These feelings that are hard to define run further inside of me like blood to the vessels.

I am but under duress, being quiet and expressing not myself is hurting. For the head aches because of the pain of thinking much. I want not that. I want peace of mind. We have been talking for long to each other, we are like best friends, but I want more. The moon has risen, it shines its light, I cannot hide anymore. I love you.”

He read it again to confirm if the text was alright; he was contend. 

Earlier during the day his best friend had told him,” if you are that afraid to tell her, just text her.”

“So help me God,” he glared up to the sky and prayed. He pressed send.

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