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It is the pressure maybe that is why. Deadlines have to be met. Currently 26 years, heading to 27 years and the years planned for marriage was 28 years. And so far, no one is in the line up, it is just hints here and there.

It is then that downs and you see oneself doing stuffs quite not the ordinary and bad. Something’s are to be made private, to figure out a way on how to resolve them. Such that when it is done, once and for all you say, ” well and good,” and you wash your hand and dry with a towel.

Happy though of the progress going forward. Just finished pupillage. Did resit exam last year November, it was one paper and now only waiting for the results. Very optimistic with what the sheet would showcase.

The year of many trials, would want to try painting, always wished for that. Cannot remember when that dream begun. You know there is that essence that comes with when you finish something, a portrait, landscape or just a thought that you created into something. A masterpiece to call it so.

Thrilled, yes, it sure is going to be a year of many fruits to reap and of course many books to write.

Countless times has the thought of retiring from writing eclipsed. However, you ask yourself, what else can you do? It means something, jotting down somewhere. There is that satisfaction that goes on and you feel wowed and never want to let go. This feeling no matter how you try to explain cannot be. Just know it is an excellent emotion deep in your heart thrilling in you.

How untruthful it might look, but we treasure every moment. We savour every second, because it matters. It can make a difference. A 100m race is one such example. The millisecond counts, it can determine who the winner and the loser is and who holds the record.

The bulb brightens the room and out of the blues you laugh and say, “oh my the future is indeed this,” colourful and transparent, joyous and adventurous, fruitful and amazing, content and pleasing, magical and true, lovely and adorable, comforting and peaceful.

Which day is this today? To make it among the days that you remember to be those days that your day was worthwhile and it made a day to be day. Anyways, that was a trial of playing with the word day, but it’ meaning still stays. Monday.

Well, there it is a little about self said neither with a pinch of salt nor a spoon of sugar. It was surely fun.

We wish to try again, but naah.

Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash

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