now there and again not present

receiving calls and texting

then suddenly it is dark

it is quiet

it is sombre

hearing your voice

reading your words

becomes history or forgotten

then out of the blues back again

alive with each other

is this but testing of each other

to find out who will miss the other

is it a game of love

or is everyone busy

no time for each other is there

what is this

struggling pace quickened mood

unknown territory and amazed feelings

or is to being too hard to let go

and you are holding on

hoping for something

Photo by Elina Buzurtanova on Unsplash

Abiyo Omar

Abiyo, born in Kenya, likes writing, dwelling on poems, scripts and philosophy. He posts in this website a short story on Tuesday and a poem on Saturday. He has a YouTube channel called Abiyo Omar where he posts Spoken Word. He also has another YouTube channel called Olryz Productions that features Swahili films. Abiyo by profession is a lawyer and a certified professional mediator.

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