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When you have with you a dream. When you want to reach a place, to be somewhere. A place where it is high, a place where most walks with you. Where everything you will have and entirely all becomes easy, one forges a path. They become determined to reach there. Thorns they will pass, bushes they will cut across, deserts they will walk through, thirsty for water but even so they never tire. Going and going, onward and onward, heading there. To that place.

The need to reach there gives you this drive never seen before, it is like an engine to a car, it gives you energy. It propels you, moving you from place to place, scene after scene. It borders on courage, it borders on fulfilment, it borders on giving hope where all was not there.

It brings into fold the definition of being ambitious, for your eyes are on the prize, you want that and to the tail end you will undertake your share to reach there. It depends with who the person is, it might be legal or illegal. It is the mystical, on whose feet do the shoes fit?

You might see to it, that for every goal you might ask for help, to be assisted somewhere, either with this or that. You will sound boring or a disturbance for every time you have an anthem with you, you want that. To some you might even attract, perhaps closeness can inject them with that feeling to, of wanting something,  that essence boiling in you. They are the rarest though. To others you might look like a disturbance, every time you seek this then that. There is no end to it.  Day and night when it does come you want something. So you become ignored.

While all that is going, all those feeling around the close ones comes to be, the searcher feels something else too. Moments of despair, moments of sweet glory, moments of giving yourself encouragement, you become strong. You believe in you again, when a little back you were hopeless.

That is just but the beginning, you know the law of nature is of push and pull. That is  for every exertion of your dreams their is a reaction, a resistance. The resultant force that comes in is fear, you are feared. It is an example of when approaching a lady, when you go too soon, feared will you be and chances are you will be fought with enough “fight” never before seen about. Chances are high also, rejection.

The net effect of that is that for every thing the searcher does if even sometimes is just making a conversation there is that thought of the other, this guy is scary, do not know what is being planned in their head. Thus one decides to stay away from them.

This though, this reaction is an indication, nature is transpiring, it is knocking on the searcher’s door. That your time is ripe, efforts you have been making are bearing fruits. It is time to enjoy. Your rise is not far away.

Wild, but if this is not the two faced then what is.

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels

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