A little to speak about my writing. Nowadays, I got tired of telling somebody am a writer. Its either they promise to buy your book only not to or they “buy” promising to pay to no avail. You have to push to get your money. Personally, I hate that, reminding somebody I owe you. Or they expect to get a copy from you for free, they tell you to bring them a book and just like that, it is the end of the story. So to run away from all that, I decided to concentrate on my craft.

There it is, for marketing I left that to the masses. I believe if my writings are too good, somehow it will reach you. Let the readers find you, on your part concentrate on being better. That is an advice I borrowed from a book, I cannot remember the title.

Anyways, it is not complaining, ever since I was prepared for this, the creative world is often a solitary ride.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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