Adventure,Living,Romance,Romantic,Short story PHILOSOPHER’S STONE


Taptap of feet with water. The splash following. The noise that ensured. The pushing of each other. The distance was long, far away but they were nearing the surface where at. They neared it and it was as if in the market though not there.

Boats arrived and fish were in there. Fishermen had done their duties, the bell had rung, the sales was on the table. Welcome all, capitalism as first.

Straight ahead nearer were people playing. An oval ball thrown into the air. The chasing of the other, the falling of the other. Shouts. It was all in. Rugby.

The weather was perfect to be outside, not that sunny, not that cold and a little bit windy. An admirable feature. The sound of machines arriving not far finalized the mixture to this environment. Ships, with horns blazing. That added to the already breeze, an air of relaxation, an air of content, but was that the occasion or something else?

Picking a lump sum of sand and throwing it ahead of him, it was his play that offered him peace at the moment. He observed something there on the sand, hole like, he became enticed and wanted to know what it was. He moved up to do that. It was then that somebody touched his shoulder.

“ Brother, I have seen you and you seem not alright.”

He looks back and sees a familiar face. He continues and checks onto the sand and unearth what was there. It was a sea shell.

“ Perfect,”

“Do you know like the sea shell we become to want to know more about what is on the other side you know,” he started.

The other was just lost.

So he continued with his narration.

You see like the sea shell you want to know about the other, their inside, what darkness is hiding in them, though that does not matter for you have chosen them. To them is where happiness is, but you want to see that other side. You know why, that is caring. You just want to know though there is acceptation already.

But again nature, who is she? She plays with you, it moves you sudden and fast it hits you. It teaches that you are not always in good health, it can decide now and then it will become so. With the blessings of the Almighty all that becomes lost. The journey of knowing the other. Distance comes by not by your liking but by a calling not within your reigns. For you feel not well.

But that feeling never subsidizes it still is there. The want to know the other. The want to be sure that they are okay. They become far away, but the missing still is there. For they are something, they are the star, they brighten the nightly sky, they are an allure, they are so nicely put, so well up there, reachable and not reachable. You want to grasp, stretch you hand and feel theirs too but no way, it cannot be done. You fear what if in your sickness you flip. You care for the other you want the best for them, you want not to burden them with your negative energy, of feeling sick and like.

Consistency was not there, it becomes thoughts but with time you come to the realisation of that what is to be is to be is and what not is not. Sometimes you have to leave to see if there is a coming back. Sometimes there must be a fall back to see if there is an advance. Sometimes it needs to relax and see if what the chase really did pay off. Sometimes it is a matter of being tired and sometimes it is a matter of coming to terms that this is a forcing.

Conflicting ends constant communication, but again should it be one sided should it always be a you and not a we. You ask but not more see that.

These mixed revelations, these mixed situations is all but love? But is that it, is it hate? Is it more? Is it less? What is this wavy like sea where we are at? What is this like rainbow on a rainy day, there and suddenly lost?

He was quiet.

“Ooh girlfriend issues, I see,”

“No this is something else, definitive, like a captain in a ship.”

“ Love makes one a philosopher indeed. I do not get what you mean. I am going for a swim. Hopefully you do not do something stupid.”

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